Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M
Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M
Long-range IoT base station with whip antenna

LPWAN Base Station BS220 × 1 item

The WAVIoT Base Station BS220 (1 channel with whip antenna modification) is a software defined radio full duplex transceiver based on a high-resolution multi-accumulator fractional-N synthesis. This device provides a complete taste of network parameters you may get with WAVIoT’s operator class equipment. Though a number of higher performance modifications are also available to build a robust communication link in harsh urban environment

$2 499


RM-141 Development Kit × 1 item

This development kit is your introduction to the unrivaled long-range provided by WAVIoT RM141 wireless modules. It allows developers and engineers to design, program and evaluate their applications using Axsem NB-Fi pre-programmed radio chips under the real world conditions



Smart Devices × 6 items

The set of smart devices including smart water meters – 2 pcs, single phase smart electrical meters – 2 pcs, parking occupancy sensors – 2 pcs. The off-the-shelf availability of compatible devices is meant to demonstrate the technology potential to prospect customers and device manufacturers that are considering LPWA connectivity.



Client Web Interface × 6 months

IoT Cloud platform for data processing and visualization is provided free of charge for the trial period. All the information sent from NB-Fi connected smart devices and radio modules is user-friendly displayed in the web-based interface with the availability of export in Excel format


Total Cost

$3 537  $2 999

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