Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M
Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M

Smart Devices

Smart plug-and-play devices and IoT sensors already available off-the-shelve for numerous Internet of Things applications such as electricity, gas and water metering, smart city and agriculture solutions, environmental and security monitoring. The key WAVIoT advantages are long-range of wireless connectivity, 10+ years of battery life, easy installation and attractive price

IoT devices

IoT devices with LPWAN connectivity allow transmitting its readings at a very long range even in harsh urban environment. Integrated radio modules provide superior connectivity characteristics for numerous smart devices. WAVIoT-powered devices for Internet of Things allow rolling out the industrial IoT applications fast and cost-effectively with a high level of autonomy in the wide city areas or across the entire country

Smart devices are able to exchange the information and parameters they measure in an automatic manner. Intelligent meters perform monitoring, reading and transmission of data by themselves. No more need in manual reading and site visits to collect data and operate the system

Some of our smart devices are already featured with remote control option. The full-duplex connectivity of NB-Fi wireless protocol for example allows to change tariffs of electricity meters remotely, manage the power load limits, close and open control valves of different IoT systems, etc.

The long-range Internet of Things technology provides perfect scalability only when the end-device installation is as simple as screwing in the bulb. Utilizing the extensive practical and use case experience we aim at developing our devices based on these principles

Smart sensors

Smart sensors are the integrated devices with IoT radiomodules able to transmit data wirelessly via LPWA network. Such appliances can be used in different IoT applications as part of distributed sensor network. Industrial solutions use a large number of different sensors which required a reliable and robust connectivity. For example, pressure and atmosphere sensors, flow rate sensors and meters etc.

LPWA technology allows connecting different type of IoT sensors in one wide area network for massive data aggregation. The customization program can bring wireless IoT connectivity to the traditional existing sensors.

M2M modems

One of the easiest ways for enabling IoT connectivity to a device is to connect M2M modem featured with LPWAN connectivity. In some cases, the meters or sensors are already installed and there is no need or time to perform an upgrade procedure. If such device has serial or pulse interface the best way is to get the smart modem integrated and the traditional device will be connected to the IoT network.

Pulse M2M modems can be used for bringing connectivity to the flow meters and some type of gas and electricity meters. Modems with serial interfaces can be connected to kWh meters, different types of sensors: (humidity, pressure, temperature), street light controllers, industrial and agriculture devices.

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