Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M
Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M

The consumer electronics sector is undoubtedly one of the areas that will see the largest growth within M2M and the Internet of Things opportunity through the development of new products, greater customer engagement and collaboration with vertical industry sectors to provide compelling new services. Connectivity will become an integral part of our homes and daily lives and we are clearly only in the very early days of the Internet of Things when it comes to consumer electronics.

With the rapid change created by the mobile web and the global uptake of smartphones, tablet computers, and other similar devices, consumers are beginning to expect a similar level of functionality from other consumer electronic products. Sensor applications are making their way into our everyday lives, through solutions such as personal tracking devices and wellness products that enable remote monitoring of sensor statuses such as location, blood pressure, and glucose levels. For the home appliances market segment the focus is on the manufacturers and distributors of products that require connectivity. These products are typically qualified as home automation or domestics.

LPWAN is the engine of long-range IoT. NB-Fi is the high-octane fuel for LPWAN.

Unleashing the full potential of connectivity in the consumer electronics industry requires the use of transparent out-of-the-box connectivity. WiFi-enabled products always struggle to become truly mainstream, because of the complexity involving in connecting devices to the network. WAVIoT makes connectivity transparent and thus ultimately makes it easier for connected devices to be adoptable by the general public, with only very little impact on the cost of these products. An area such as white goods is set to evolve from being product oriented, with no real loyalty mechanism, to being service oriented based upon regular interaction with the consumer.

Why NB-Fi is the best for IoT Devices

WAVIoT approach is ideal for wide-area consumers applications due to the small power budget available, the long-range requirements, and the small data size needed for transmission.

    • Low cost for sensor integration and entire remote sensing system gives a high ROI on a large-scale project.
    • High scalability. A capacity of one single gateway is more than 2 000 000 sensors allows scaling system by simply plugging new smart devices  with no-mesh infrastructure costs.
    • Wide area. The range of IoT gateway is 30+ km in the open country allows to a have a global network reach.
    • High autonomy. Very low energy consumption resulting in long lasting autonomous remote devices avoiding the high cost of battery replacement for 10-20 years.
    • Reliability. NB-Fi long-range protocol specially designed for large-scale projects in a harsh environment with the use of the narrowband approach unlike to LoRa.
    • User-friendly. IoT cloud platform allows to get and manage data online. Easy integration with company IT-systems with open API.
    • High availability for worldwide LPWAN deployments with the support of different ISM bands such as 915, 868, 500, 433 MHz and others.
    • Experience. NB-Fi proved technology by more than 500 000 WAVIoT smart sensors and controllers deployed worldwide.

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    • Audio visual displays
    • Household information devices

    • Tracking applications
    • White goods

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