Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M
Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M

Case study: How we brought the long-range IoT connectivity to standard meter with NB-Fi

Our mission at WAVIoT is to develop the smoothest and most successful transition of basic sensors to the Internet. The most recent smart device we have integrated with NB-Fi radio module was Standard Gas Meter for one of the European manufacturers of metering devices “Schetpribor”.

Most of traditional digital meters or sensors already have everything to become smarter. Battery and PCB with MCU are already there, thus devices are ready for a minor upgrade which is fairly simple process. We took the conventional gas meter with no network connectivity and performed an upgrade of PCB.

Conventional Gas Meter not connected to the Internet
Standard gas meter with no IoT connectivity

We took the existing Gerber file from the customer and started to develop new PCB.

NB-Fi Custom IoT Integration process
Smart gas meter PCB upgrade in progress

We incorporated bigger battery into the device to have sufficient power for data transmission for the next 10-15 years.

Smart Gas meter - side view. Industrial grade lithium battery integration
Side view of resulting gas meter with industrial grade lithium battery

We designed the antenna to fit the current product case, so no additional changes are required from the production standpoint.

Antenna on the modified PCB of gas meter
Antenna designs based on the existing case dimensions

We have kept original MCU, integrated new NB-Fi preprogrammed transceiver and provided the Customer with a new Gerber file.

PCB with original MCU and integrated NB-Fi radiomodule
PCB with original MCU and integrated NB-Fi radiomodule

Now the device is IoTized (connected to the Internet). It looks the same from the outside, however, it can transmit the data for up to 30 miles for 10-15 years on a single battery

gas meter with NB-Fi integrated LPWAN radiomodule
Smart gas meter with long-range IoT connectivity

All the readings will be sent via Cloud and managed via the web-based interface by the end user.

IoT cloud for smart gas metering
WAVIoT IoT Cloud to manage the data, billing and payments for the customers

How can we bring the same IoT connectivity to your device?  Let us know if you need to get you device connected to the IoT network and enable over-the-web monitoring and management.