Interest in the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) for gas distribution systems is growing, though, despite its many benefits, AMI is yet to be widely deployed by local gas distribution companies.

Local gas distribution companies (LDC) that do not use advanced gas metering systems can typically come up against several problems such as gas losses, irregular and inaccurate readings from consumer’s gas meters, manipulations with meters and limits overspending.

WAVIoT offers a wireless solution for Smart Gas Metering that consists of WAVIoT gas meters and Meter Data Management system allowing to get the consumption reports from the meters remotely at the required date and time.

WAVIoT gas meters contain the NB-Fi transceiver with a range of data transmission of up to 5-10 km in urban areas and more than 10 years of battery life.

Architecture of WAVIoT Advanced Gas Metering system

WAVIoT Advanced Gas Metering system consists of WAVIoT gas meters with built-in NB-Fi transceivers, NB-Fi modems to connect to the pulse outputs of the existing gas meters and NB-Fi base stations or gateways. The system is easily scalable by installing additional base stations without limiting the number of connected meters.

Plug-and-play WAVIoT gas meters do not require any additional configuration and allow achieving 100% data collection as soon as the meters are installed. Existing gas meters can be connected to WAVIoT Meter Data Management system (WAVIoT MDM system) via the NB-Fi modem with pulse inputs to the meter’s pulse outputs.

Architecture of WAVIoT Smart Gas Metering system

The NB-Fi network rolled out for the WAVIoT Advanced Gas Metering projects can also be used for other NB-Fi devices like water meters and electricity meters.

WAVIoT Advanced Gas Metering system can be deployed in a corporate enterprise network and can be integrated via API with various IT systems like GIS, invoicing and metering systems.

WAVIoT Meter Data Management system provides monthly, daily and hourly reports for each NB-Fi utility meter and allows collection and distribution of consumption data to customers, suppliers, utility companies and service providers.

WAVIoT MDM system’s interface for smart gas meters

WAVIoT MDM system’s interface for smart gas meters

WAVIoT products for Advanced Gas Metering system

WAVIoT gas meters are available in various modifications with a maximum flow rate from 1.6 to 4.0 m³/h.

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