NB-Fi Base Station

Powerful IoT base station to deploy the NB-Fi network
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Full-duplex bi-directional base station for IoT applications
For outdoor installation, with external antennas
Receiver sensitivity up to -148 dBm @ 50 bps
Up to 40 km maximum distance range in line of sight
Radio frequency
adjustable, 860 MHz - 925 MHz
Data rates
50, 400, 3200, 25600 bit/s
Max. receiver sensitivity:
-148 dBm @ 50 bps
-141 dBm @ 400 bps
-132 dBm @ 3,200 bps
-123 dBm @ 25,600 bps
Distance range
         urban area
up to 10 km
            rural area
up to 40 km
Maximum RF TX Power
software adjustable, up to 500 mW
Data encryption
External antennas
two SMA connectors
built-in GPS antenna
outdoor IP66
250 × 120 × 75 mm
Net weight
1.5 kg
Operating temperature
from -50°C to +70°C
PoE 24V (IEEE 802.3af)
Power consumption
max 10W
Data Connectivity
Ethernet (over PoE)
Telematics Solutions LLC

NB-Fi base station, WAVIoT IoT Platform and end nodes are the main components of a complete NB-Fi network.

NB-Fi Base Station has exceptional sensitivity that allows achieving excellent link budget – the receiver sensitivity reaches -148 dBm at 50 bit/s. NB-Fi Base Station can cover a large area of hundreds of square kilometers and can provide connectivity for thousands and hundreds of thousands of devices and IoT sensors.

NB-Fi Base Station supports the maximum uplink and downlink bitrate of 25,600 bit/s.

NB-Fi Base Station support adaptive data rate. If the signal strength is good, NB-Fi devices will automatically switch to a higher data rate. This allows NB-Fi devices to use the spectrum efficiently and reduces the consumption of power necessary for transmitting data.

With NB-Fi Base Stations, the NB-Fi network can be quickly deployed in any area – it only takes a few hours to install a base station. NB-Fi Base Station is connected to the WAVIoT IoT Platform via standard IP connection (using Power-over-Ethernet), which ensures flexible installation and does not necessarily require professional assistance.

NB-Fi Base Stations operate in unlicensed frequency bands (no additional permits required). If necessary, it is possible to use dedicated (licensed) frequency bands.

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IoT Solutions

Wireless solutions by WAVIoT are based on the NB-Fi technology that supports secure bidirectional communication for the Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine (M2M), Smart Grid, Smart Utilities, Smart City and industrial applications.

WAVIoT base stations and NB-Fi Transceivers with best-in-class receiver sensitivity enable the use of all advantages of the NB-Fi technology at the same time: long range of bidirectional data transmission, low power consumption and high scalability and stability of IoT networks.

NB-Fi base stations and devices allow fast deployment of IoT applications and provide the protection of confidentiality and integrity of transmitted data by strong encryption algorithms.

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