WAVIoT is an innovation company that develops the NB-Fi wireless technology for the Internet of Things, the NB-Fi transceiver with exceptionally high sensitivity for the IoT and M2M communications, and the NB-Fi devices and WAVIoT IoT Platform that allow rolling out the IoT network for various types of business applications.

Since founding in 2016 as a manufacturer of high reliability products for Smart Grids and AMI for utilities, WAVIoT has grown to become an IoT-technology innovator, providing turn-key solutions to our clients, and developing NB-Fi technology, NB-Fi transceivers, IoT devices and IoT Platform.

WAVIoT product line includes utility meters (electricity, water, gas and heat meters), NB-Fi modems to connect to the sensors, gauges and existing utility meters, NB-Fi base stations and gateways, NB-Fi transceivers, single-board development kits for development of NB-Fi devices, and also WAVIoT IoT Platform that includes the Head End and Meter Data Management systems (HES and MDM system).

The NB-Fi network can be rolled out as part of any corporate or private network with practically unlimited number of connected devices connected to a single multi-purpose WAVIoT IoT Platform for many applications.

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