WAVIoT single-phase and three-phase electricity meters are widely installed in more than 40 regions of Russia in apartment buildings and houses in large cities and suburban villages.

Installed WAVIoT electricity meters transfer data to local energy supply companies. Some projects have seen the installation of WAVIoT Water Meters that use the same NB-Fi network infrastructure. Readings from WAVIoT Water Meters are transmitted to utility service companies that later generate bills for water consumption.

One of the examples of such projects is a roll-out in Znamenskiy village located just outside of Krasnodar.

WAVIoT has equipped more than 700 private houses with smart electricity meters. WAVIoT MDM system automatically transfers readings from electricity meters to the supplier – a utility service company. Residents can monitor their energy consumption and expenses through the mobile application and WAVIoT Meter Data Management system, and also can switch off the load relay of their electricity meters via the mobile application or MDM system.

The complexity of the project was that the residents’ territories are private, and the inspectors did not have permanent access to the meters for periodical control. This caused some fraud incidents and reduced the transparency for the supplier. New WAVIoT electricity meters were installed on power utility poles outside the residents’ land plots.

Mr. Boldyrev, the Chairman of the Board of utility service company in Znamenskiy village

The advantage of WAVIoT Smart Grid system is that there is no need to go from house to house, to the yards, and take electrical meter readings. At any time of day, it is possible to get the readings remotely, and also to limit the power consumption or switch off the meter’s relay for those who didn’t pay. Unauthorized connections to the electric grid and theft of electricity are now impossible. Residents of the village are happy about this because there no longer have to pay for a neighbor who steals electricity. The system works perfectly: no failures were observed. We are planning to install WAVIoT water and gas meters as well.

The second example are Smart meters in Mysy village in the Chelyabinsk region, that is located far away from the city. Half of the village is not covered by the GSM network.

Base station with ethernet cable was installed on the top of one tall house. Wireless WAVIoT electricity meters were installed for each house, either inside or outside, on the power utility poles.

New WAVIoT electricity meters enable consumers to switch from the single rate tariff to the three rate tariff with peak, medium and off-peak rates. Three rate tarrif scheme helped consumers to reduce their expenses by 15% in average.

Single-phase Split meter installation example
Base Station installation example

Mr. Karpov, the Head of utility service company for Mysy village

We used to spend a couple of days for actual data acquisition and processing. Today we do it without leaving the office. The theft issue has completely disappeared. So far, we have installed more than 700 WAVIoT Split Electricity meters and are planning to roll out another 500 meters, equipping other utilities with smart WAVIoT solutions

Utility management and service companies in the regions often recommend WAVIoT system to their partners and neighbors. That is how projects for 1,000-2,000 WAVIoT smart meters turn into large-scale solutions with hundreds of thousands of installations.

IoT Solutions

Wireless solutions by WAVIoT are based on the NB-Fi technology that supports secure bidirectional communication for the Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine (M2M), Smart Grid, Smart Utilities, Smart City and industrial applications.

WAVIoT base stations and NB-Fi Transceivers with best-in-class receiver sensitivity enable the use of all advantages of the NB-Fi technology at the same time: long range of bidirectional data transmission, low power consumption and high scalability and stability of IoT networks.

NB-Fi base stations and devices allow fast deployment of IoT applications and provide the protection of confidentiality and integrity of transmitted data by strong encryption algorithms.

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