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Wireless solutions by WAVIoT are based on the NB-Fi technology that supports secure bidirectional communication for the Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine (M2M), Smart Grid, Smart Utilities, Smart City and industrial applications.

WAVIoT base stations and NB-Fi Transceivers with best-in-class receiver sensitivity enable the use of all advantages of the NB-Fi technology at the same time: long range of bidirectional data transmission, low power consumption and high scalability and stability of IoT networks.

NB-Fi base stations and devices allow fast deployment of IoT applications and provide the protection of confidentiality and integrity of transmitted data by strong encryption algorithms.

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WAVIoT NB-Fi modems

Sensors and gauges that are used in manufacturing processes, in agriculture, for tracking of assets etc., as well as traditional utility meters with pulse outputs and RS-232/RS-485 interfaces can be connected to NB-Fi modems that will log the data from these devices and send it to WAVIoT IoT Platform.

While deploying AMI systems using WAVIoT utility meters, the existing water meters or building-level water and gas meters that do not have to be replaced can be connected to WAVIoT MDM system via universal NB-Fi modems.

WAVIoT offer customized IIoT projects, develop special-purpose NB-Fi modems and adapt the existing IoT solutions to individual requirements.

NB-Fi communication protocol and WAVIoT IoT Platform provide bidirectional communication (uplink and downlink messages) that allows developing NB-Fi modems with the ability to control host devices.

Low-power consumption of NB-Fi modems ensures autonomous operation for a long period of time, which allows customers to use them in remote locations and with little maintenance costs. NB-Fi wireless protocol is designed for secure data exchange with full end-to-end encryption between the end devices and the server and ensures confidentiality and integrity of the transmitted information.

WAVIoT NB-Fi modems can be widely implemented in various IoT and IIoT solutions requiring energy-efficient and long-distance data transmission with autonomous operation, easy installation and fast ROI. Universal NB-Fi modems that need to send data more than 2-3 times per day are powered by a 20,000 mAh D-size battery, which ensures an extended lifetime of the device.