The reduction and control of losses, or Non-Revenue Water, is a permanent issue for water supply companies, utility management companies and operators of public service facilities. While the freshwater resource is becoming scarcer and scarcer and demand is continually increasing, water loss rates may exceed 20% in cities.

High levels of water leakage and theft, inefficient pipe network maintenance, customer complaints and financial losses are some of the top challenges of water utilities. Many of these troubles can be effectively eliminated by deploying wireless Advanced Smart Water Metering system by WAVIoT.

WAVIoT Smart Water Metering solution gathers the readings from each water meter automatically at the required date and time, optimizes and reduces operating costs and identifies illegal connections to the water supply system.

WAVIoT Water Meter is a smart water meter with built-in NB-Fi transceiver capable to transmit data at a range exceeding 5 km in urban areas with more than 10 years of estimated battery life.

Architecture of WAVIoT Smart Water Metering system

WAVIoT Smart Water Metering system consists of WAVIoT Water Meters with built-in NB-Fi transceivers, NB-Fi modems connected to the pulse outputs of the existing water meters and NB-Fi base stations or gateways. The system is easily scalable by installing additional base stations without limiting the number of connected meters.

WAVIoT water metering system can be deployed in a corporate enterprise network and can be integrated via API with various IT systems like GIS, invoicing and metering systems.

Plug-and-play WAVIoT Water Meters do not require any additional configuration and allow achieving 100% data collection from water meters as soon as the meters are installed. Building-level water meters can be connected to WAVIoT Meter Data Management system (WAVIoT MDM system) via the NB-Fi modem with pulse inputs to the meter’s pulse outputs.

Architecture of WAVIoT Smart Water Metering system

The NB-Fi network, rolled out for WAVIoT Smart Water Metering projects, can be also used for other NB-Fi devices like electricity meters and gas meters.

WAVIoT Meter Data Management system provides monthly, daily and hourly reports for each NB-Fi water meter and for the building-level / group water meter, and calculates NRW (non-revenue water) as the difference between water produced (based on readings from the building-level water meter) and water billed by WAVIoT Water Meters. WAVIoT MDM system with hourly consumption data allows very accurate calculation of this difference.

WAVIoT MDM system’s interface for smart water meters

WAVIoT MDM system’s interface for smart water meters

WAVIoT products for Smart Water Metering system

WAVIoT Water Meters are available in various modifications with nominal bore of 15 mm and 20 mm and installation length of 110 mm and 130 mm respectively.

WAVIoT Water Meters are equipped with magnetic field sensors that detect magnets used to fraudulently alter the readings, and send an instant alert to the WAVIoT MDM system. All WAVIoT smart water meters are supplied with a check valve to prevent water backflow.

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