Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M
Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M

Retail is a highly competitive industry, with participants encountering multiple challenges on a daily basis. In order to keep their position in the market, retailers need to find a convenient method of maintaining an organized, well-connected supply chain, and to develop production plans that are in tune with the desires of their customers.

Implementation of M2M technologies can facilitate communication between supply chain players, promote easier management of inventory, and provide a complete shopping experience for the consumer. For example, M2M gives the retailer real-time visibility of inventory levels, thus, providing useful information to maximize sales. Within retail stores, M2M can also enhance customer satisfaction by relying on automation and accurate customer segmentation to guide them through the whole shopping experience. Finally, M2M technology can also help develop innovative methods of communicating with customers.

The main themes in retail include the availability of adequate stock, in-store management and building relationships with customers. The success of a business depends mainly on a loyal group of customers who frequent its stores. In addition to this, it is also important to focus efforts on gradually expanding the customer base to include other age and income groups. This requires developing advertising and marketing techniques that encourage interaction with specific customer groups. WAVIoT connectivity can help develop innovative methods of communicating with customers during a product’s lifecycle to increase loyalty while avoiding the inconvenience of registration, through unique out-of-the-box connectivity.

LPWAN is the engine of long-range IoT. NB-Fi is the high-octane fuel for LPWAN.

Why NB-Fi is the best for Retail

WAVIoT approach is ideal for wide-area retail applications due to the small power budget available, the long-range requirements, and the small data size needed for transmission.

    • Low cost for sensor integration and entire remote sensing system gives a high ROI on a large-scale project.
    • High scalability. A capacity of one single gateway is more than 2 000 000 sensors allows scaling system by simply plugging new smart devices  with no-mesh infrastructure costs.
    • Wide area. The range of IoT gateway is 30+ km in the open country allows to a have a global network reach.
    • High autonomy. Very low energy consumption resulting in long lasting autonomous remote devices avoiding the high cost of battery replacement for 10-20 years.
    • Reliability. NB-Fi long-range protocol specially designed for large-scale projects in a harsh environment with the use of the narrowband approach unlike to LoRa.
    • User-friendly. IoT cloud platform allows to get and manage data online. Easy integration with company IT-systems with open API.
    • High availability for worldwide LPWAN deployments with the support of different ISM bands such as 915, 868, 500, 433 MHz and others.
    • Experience. NB-Fi proved technology by more than 500 000 WAVIoT smart sensors and controllers deployed worldwide.

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