WAVIoT IoT solutions are available in regions with no internet or GSM connection.

The first project on remote meter readings without GSM and Internet coverage was launched in the Irkutsk region of Russia.

WAVIoT and Sviaz Inzhiniring M JSC launched smart automated electricity consumption control and metering system commissioned by Katanga Fuel and Energy Complex for the village of Yeremea and the village of Verkhneye Kalinino, where a diesel substation supply electricity to the two villages. The substation operates twice a day – three hours in the morning and six hours in the evening. There is no GSM or Internet coverage on the territory.

WAVIoT developed a special data processing device ”Gonets“ with a built-in satellite module because it is an optimal solution for spaces with poor GSM coverage or without coverage at all.

We also installed WAVIoT Smart Electricity Meters for transferring readings over the wireless NB-Fi channel to the base station. Gonets Satellite System then transfers the data to Katanga Fuel and Energy transmission and distribution company. This solution allows power consumption monitoring, fraud prevention, and planning the substation's operation mode efficiently.

WAVIoT Electricity Meters come with telemetry, data transmission and monitoring functions while providing data exchange simultaneously over two protocols: commercial accounting system and IEC 60870-5-104 (telemechanic system), which saves the budget for additional equipment.

WAVIoT data transmission device with built-in Gonets Satellite System is an efficient and affordable technical solution with easy installation, quick commissioning and low maintenance costs.

The joint project of WAVIoT and Svyaz Engineering M JSC successfully implemented in the Irkutsk region is unique among manufacturers in Russia.

18 July 2019

IoT Solutions

Wireless solutions by WAVIoT are based on the NB-Fi technology that supports secure bidirectional communication for the Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine (M2M), Smart Grid, Smart Utilities, Smart City and industrial applications.

WAVIoT base stations and NB-Fi Transceivers with best-in-class receiver sensitivity enable the use of all advantages of the NB-Fi technology at the same time: long range of bidirectional data transmission, low power consumption and high scalability and stability of IoT networks.

NB-Fi base stations and devices allow fast deployment of IoT applications and provide the protection of confidentiality and integrity of transmitted data by strong encryption algorithms.