Official Astana municipality website reports that 20 companies are working on the implementing of advanced technologies in Astana Jastar district. Waviot Asia LLC has replaced the traditional electricity meters with WAVIoT Smart Electricity Meters integrated in the WAVIoT Meter Data Management system at two apartment buildings: 12 Barayev street and 14 Barayev street, Astana.

306 WAVIoT Smart Water Meters, 120 WAVIoT Smart Electricity Meters and 25 WAVIoT Smart Gas Meters with the function of remote transmission of readings were installed.

WAVIoT Asia also installed several additional sensors, including door and manhole monitoring sensors for the Proof of Concept purposes. After testing, these sensors will be considered for inclusion into the Smart District projects roadmap.

Now Waviot Asia are working on the installation of WAVIoT utility meters in three apartment buildings at 2/1 Kravtsov street, 2/2 Kravtsov street and 4/1 Kravtsov street, Astana.

Artem Nudilchiev, the Director General of Waviot Asia LLC:

“We install the WAVIoT utility meters. These smart meters transmit data over an NB-Fi radio channel and can simply be installed without drawing any wires to collect information, without damaging walls or structures, without disturbing residents. This gives them a positive attitude towards digitalization. After all, a smart city is first of all about economy and comfort, and they should be like this not only during the operation lifetime, but also at the installation stage”.

All WAVIoT smart meters are connected to WAVIoT Meter Data Management system, and this WAVIoT MDM system was integrated with utility companies’ billings via API.

   NB-Fi security system
NB-Fi security system   

The "Smart District" project in Astana consists of three main areas - smart technology, "green" solutions and urban solutions. The project also involved such international organizations as the UN, UNECE, UNDP, UN-HABITAT providing Smart Sustainable Cities key performance indicators methodology to assess the final results of the 2050 Astana Development plan.

See more details on the official Astana municipality website

5 December 2018

IoT Solutions

Wireless solutions by WAVIoT are based on the NB-Fi technology that supports secure bidirectional communication for the Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine (M2M), Smart Grid, Smart Utilities, Smart City and industrial applications.

WAVIoT base stations and NB-Fi Transceivers with best-in-class receiver sensitivity enable the use of all advantages of the NB-Fi technology at the same time: long range of bidirectional data transmission, low power consumption and high scalability and stability of IoT networks.

NB-Fi base stations and devices allow fast deployment of IoT applications and provide the protection of confidentiality and integrity of transmitted data by strong encryption algorithms.