Akimat of Astana, the Official government body of Astana, reports that the Smart District project has entered into the stage of installation of new Smart water meters.

The roadmap of Smart District includes more than ten innovation projects, e.g. roads and sidewalks heating, smart pedestrian and transport planning, smart lighting and sewerage, AMI and utility billing systems, parking spots monitoring.

WAVIoT Asia LLC is a responsible for the deployment of the AMI system for utility meters. The water meters that will be installed as the first step will transmit readings to the utility management companies automatically. Residents will be able to monitor their resource consumption through the mobile application and Meter Data Management platform.

The first project stage is to equip 124 flats with WAVIoT Smart Water Meters, Smart Gas Meters, and WAVIoT Smart Electricity Meters. Private investors covered all expenses, and the residents do not need to pay for the replacement of meters. The project is now running in apartment buildings at Barayev street.


Mr. Olzhas Sartaev, the Chairman of the Board of "Astana Innovations" JSC, the company that is responsible for the whole Smart District roadmap, cited several WAVIoT system advantages, including a significant cost reduction through accurate resource accounting and loss identification:

"First of all, the new meters will transmit data directly to the utilities. In addition, it is expected to reduce costs. This will be achieved by transparent charging for general expenses and reducing the error of sending data. The new smart meters error is 3%, while the predecessors reached 20%," – said Mr. Olzhas Sartayev in his statement.

"Astana Innovations" also notes that the meters are autonomous and do not consume additional electricity. Sustainable use of resources is among the advantages promoted by the installation of the new smart meters.

LPWAN network by WAVIoT covers most of the Kazakhstan regions, including eight large cities (Almaty, Astana, Karaganda, Bishkek, Shymkent, Atyrau, Pavlodar, and Shortanda) and their suburbs.

Article based on Astana Akimat website: http://astana.gov.kz/ru/modules/material/17083.

4 August 2018

IoT Solutions

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