Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M
Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M

WAVIoT Smart Water Meter AQUA 1

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    Wireless flow meter AQUA 1 for remote water consumption monitoring. Smart water meter provides over-the-web reading transmission via long-range NB-Fi network. High autonomy provided by 10 years of battery life. Simple installation with no calibration.


WAVIoT wireless smart water meters intended for the registration of cold and hot drinking water consumption. The single jet water meter measuring water with temperatures from +5 °C to 90 °C. AQUA 1 uses LWPAN WAVIoT network to transmit readings to the Cloud.

Integrated WAVIoT radio module with minimum power consumption prolongs battery life for 10 years. Transmission range of 10 miles from the water meter to gateway allows to cover a wide area with smart metering and deploy the smart network in quarter or town during a couple of days.

Making use of the WAVIoT smart system, installed meters can operate in any location worldwide, ensuring maximum availability and reliability, whilst greatly simplifying the device installation process. The WAVIoT Smart Water Meter AQUA 1 is a lower-cost, low-impact entry point for those wishing to rapidly and simply get the benefits of the smart metering solution.

Complete set: water meter with WAVIoT radio module, fittings – 2 pcs, stopwaters – 2 pcs, back pressure valve, installation instruction. The meter has an integral filtration strainer to stop large particles and has a security/tamper evident wire lock & seal.

Key features

    • Wireless reading transmission at long-range: 10+ km in urban, 30+ km in rural environment
    • The internal batteries can last for 10 years
    • Extremely cost effective
    • Simple to install. No on-site concentrator or software required
    • High sensitivity  0,015 m³ registering low flowage
    • Simple website data analysis and system management
    • No GSM-network, SIM-card, external power supply required
    • Perfect signal penetration from standpipe location
    • Magnet detection sending alarm
    • Ideal for residential water metering




Weight 700 g
Dimensions 150 x 95 x 95 mm
Outlet diameter

15 mm

Lay length

80 mm, 110 mm

Operating temperature

+5 … +90 °C

Battery type

АА-type; 3,6 V

Data transmission frequency




Transmission range

urban environment – 16+ km; rural area – 50+ km


  PDF      WAVIoT Smart Water Meter AQUA 1 Data Sheet





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