Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M
Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M

Really cost effective LPWAN

It is not a big deal to create a long-range wireless technology or raise a cheap way of M2M communication. But only the combination of both parameters gives a cost-effective long-range connectivity needed for Internet of Things today. And it is a really hard job we performed to enable deployment of really inexpensive and high ROI IoT solutions.

Hardware and components pricing

We believe that Internet of Things can’t be expensive and IoT applications must be cost-effective. One of the conditions of IoT affordability is the hardware costs.

We could achieve the best  prices for smart devices and NB-Fi components by optimizing production technology and innovative approaches.

You can get all the advantages of saving a budget on a scalable project where the volume of nodes is more than thousand.

WAVIoT plug-and-play devices are easy to install and help to cut installation costs.

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cost effective IoT radio module
Cost effective IoT netwrok

Efficient spectrum and network

First of all, NB-Fi effectively utilizes cost-free unlicensed ISM band for radio transmission. The frequencies we use worldwide doesn’t cost a thing. You will get this saving with the use of NB-Fi protocol.

Secondly,  the wide coverage and capacity of the IoT gateways enabled by WAVIoT shows a clear path for the cost savings both for rolling out and for maintenance. Fewer gateways to install, less cost for installation and for further supporting.

One base station covers 865 square kilometers with 99% reliability and serving 2 million nodes. That means you can get IoT network in the whole city with several WAVIoT base stations instead of hundreds of competitor’s gateways.

Long battery life

Many of the devices that communicate over the Internet of Things need to be battery powered and need to be able to last for years.

For example, if you need a sensor buried below a parking spot to transmit whether the spot is taken or empty, you can’t afford to change the battery every few days or months.

NB-Fi technology has been designed to satisfy the requirements of high device autonomy and wide-area connectivity. It is a delicate balance of long-range signal transmission and low-power consumption.

With WAVIoT LPWAN technology battery life lasts for years keeping maintenance cost at extremely low level.

Long-battery life
Cloud platforms for IoT and M2M Netwrok

Cloud management applications

Benefits of cloud infrastructure allow saving time and human resources for installation and administration of dedicated server for you network.

WAVIoT cloud infrastructure already has everything for successful IoT application roll out.

High scalability of cloud platform with easy integration capabilities gives an additional profit when  expanding the solution.

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