Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M
Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M

Smart choice of frequency

WAVIoT has built wireless NB-Fi protocol with the use of sub-GHz free ISM bands intelligently so it can provide a high spectrum efficiency and capacity, effective penetration capabilities and long-range communication. The way how we choose and utilize the frequency is well thought-out and allow us to get an extra quality of connectivity.

Flexible frequency

To deliver a possibility of worldwide roll out NB-Fi able to work on different ISM frequencies. WAVIoT hardware designed to be compliant MAC architectures in 915 MHz, 868 MHz, 500 MHz and 433 MHz ISM bands, as well as other sub-GHz license-free spectrum.

ISM bands available worldwide for free. A switch of the woking band is simple and fast. Then you get all the benefits from smart IoT protocol from WAVIoT with no extra costs.

LPWAN NB-Fi ISM frequency
WAVIoT LPWAN gateway capasity

Spectrum utilization

NB-Fi PHY based on a narrowband approach which is proven way to achieving long-range RF communication and offering superior availability and scalability versus technologies based on coding gain principles.

WAVIoT NB-Fi utilizes 5 000 channels in the 500 kHz band and similar to LTE NB-Fi sensibly utilize up to 100% of available channels providing a high efficiency.

Such efficiency is agreeing of the industry trend to increase the number of RF nodes and especially important for reliable communication of large number smart devices in a given area.

Effective penetration

Most of IoT applications are running in a harsh urban environment where a reliable signal acquisition is a key parameter for stable network performance.

Sub-GHz frequency provides a robust connection through multiple walls and from basements, therefore delivering much greater penetration into buildings.

The use of sub-GHz band is the advantageous factor and it means we can get much more range than 2.4 GHz technologies.

NB-Fi LPWAN penetration capabilitites

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