Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M
Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M

Truly Long-Range technology

The range is the key parameter for wide area sensor wireless network. It is not a simple task to provide a wide range of communication link and keep relevant technology parameters at a competitive level. But WAVIoT successfully completes this task. We’ve got the maximum range among other LPWAN providers and while maintaining high network capacity, scalability, devices autonomy and link budget.

How far could NB-Fi reach

Just calculate and imagine how far could NB-Fi deliver your sensor data and how many kilometers you can cover with WAVIoT IoT Devices.

Node power
0 dB
30 dB
Node antenna TX
0 dB
10 dB
Gateway sensitivity
-164 dBm
-124 dBm
Gateway antenna gain
0 dBm
30 dBm
Gateway noise
0 dB
30 dB
Gateway height
1 m
300 m
End node height
1 m
10 m
300 m
1 m Gateway height
10 m
1 m End node height
Gateway antenna icon Maximum
2023.95 m 800 sq.km Link Budget: 164 dBm

Sensitivity for different technologies are taken from datasheets for minimum possible data rates.

Harley transition model based on Egli radio frequency propagation model.

Harley parameters for 500MHz 3.85 and 4.00 for rural and city respectively.

Harley parameters for 900MHz 4.00 and 4.15 for rural and city respectively.

Harley parameters for 2.4GHz 4.30 and 4.45 for rural and city respectively.

One needs to understand that distance cannot be longer than geometrical distance to horizon.

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Wide area

The long range of connectivity provided by NB-Fi allows delivering messages at a distance of 10+ km in a harsh urban environment and 50+ miles in the countryside.

Single WAVIoT base station can cover an urban area of 865 square kilometers with 99% reliability. So you will cover a whole city with minimum numbers of access points.

In a more friendly environment like an agricultural field with no obstacles, base station reaches 30 km of the range covering up to 8 000 square kilometers area.

Read real case of range test in megapolis 

NB-Fi IoT gateway range 865 sq. km in urban area
IoT network fast deployment

Fast deployment

It is required a thousands of base stations to cover a city with the cellular network and it takes months. It takes days to get a whole city or any other wide area coverage with NB-Fi low power wireless sensor network.

The extensive practical experience allowed us to accumulate a huge experience on fast LPWAN network roll out with a minimum time and maximum possible range.

We have specially designed our networking hardware to make installation process fast, simple and plug-and-play.

Cost efficiency

Roll out of wireless sensor network involves the investment in infrastructure deployment. Then a long range of base station you have then fewer base stations you will need to install.

The wide coverage of the IoT gateways enabled by WAVIoT shows a clear path for the cost savings both for rolling out and for maintenance.

Such kind of long range capabilities enables companies to deploy IoT applications in the areas that were unprofitable. Total IoT network costs based on NB-Fi become 10 times less than cellular.

High cost efficiency of NB-Fi

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