Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M
Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M

Communication Capabilities

When you are talking about the long range and wide coverage it is important to keep in mind the reliability characteristic. The farther away the node is the more difficult to deliver the message due to interference  obstacles and signal self-attenuation.

Robustness at long-range

NB-Fi has been specially designed for IoT and M2M applications in the harsh urban environment. We have optimized NB-Fi for lower throughput but extreme reliability.

For the moment, NB-Fi protocol allows recovering the radio signal buried -3 dBm below the noise floor which gives an extra link budget and longer range of 10+ km with 99% reliability in a harsh urban environment.

Using the narrowband approach with high spectrum utilization efficiency NB-Fi is highly robust to interference to make sure that the messages get the receiver.

Full duplex gateways based on bi-directional SDR principles and 3 × 120-degree sector antennas, self-designed SDR receiver-transceiver, gateway sensitivity -152 dBm ensures a total link budget from 166 up to 174 dBm.

Watch the case of NB-Fi robustness in harsh urban environment

Reliability of WAVIoT IoT gateway
LPWAN topology star-of-stars

Reliable architecture and security

The de-centralized reliable architecture allows base stations to perform a large portion of network processing internally, which allows the system to continue operating with full functionality through network blackout.

Star topology with no repeaters or mesh dramatically improve the communication stability and network reliability. Interference avoidance allows adding more base stations without degradation of the network performance.

High level of security is ensured by encrypting bi-directional data from the endpoint throughout the data system with XTEA 265 bit.

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