Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M
Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M

Narrowband Fidelity

NB-Fi is an abbreviated Narrowband Fidelity. It is an innovative LPWAN technology which is designed ground-up for the low-power, wide-area, machine-to-machine communication. This open wireless protocol has been purpose-built to enable the most robust, reliable, and energy-efficient sensor communication with the using the narrow band approach.

NB-Fi is a full stack

NB-Fi LPWAN technology covering a full stack of OSI model layers from physical PHY to application APP (IoT Cloud).

Conversely, WAVIoT NB-Fi protocol innovation is built on the entire wireless hierarchy, going deep into the physical (PHY) and medium access control (MAC) layers, resulting in a robust, long-range wireless communications solution which can operate under the most challenging of RF environments.

NB-Fi has been sharpened with extensive practical experience and on the challenges that we meet in numerous use cases. It helps us to provide a reliable solution with extraordinary characteristics within a full stack of technology.

Full stack IoT technology
NB-Fi protocol for LPWAN

NB-Fi is smart LPWAN protocol

  • Smart spectrum utilization algorithm is highly optimized and have best in class spectral efficiency.
  • NB-Fi is based on narrowband RF approach wich is considered as the de facto standard for long-range communication.
  • Sophisticated mathematically based algorithms and SDR-technology allows processing a wide spectral band providing a capacity of 2 000 000 nodes for one base station.
  • High computational performance let us recover RF signal buried -3 dBm below the noise floor.
  • The use of sub-GHz frequency bands provides extraordinary penetration capabilities in a harsh urban environment versus 2.4 GHz technologies.

NB-Fi is open standard

NB-Fi is open wireless LPWA protocol suitable for worldwide deployment.

Open standard delivers sustainability to wireless technology and interoperability between different manufacturers. Open standard technology drives the innovation and cost-efficiency through the greater competition.

Getting access to all the NB-Fi technology allows to develop and sell your own IoT products that are compliant with NB-Fi standard.

NB-Fi is open LPWAN protocol for IoT

Features & Benefits of NB-Fi

NB-Fi has been adopted for M2M connectivity, IoT applications and sensor networks worldwide. We took into consideration a myriad of factors to ensure compliance with the requirements of the real world conditions.

Icon License-free

License-free and frequency flexible solution is suitable for worldwide deployments, supporting radio hardware and compliant MAC architectures in 915 MHz and 868 MHz, as well as other sub-GHz license-free spectrum.

NB-Fi coexistance icon

Perfect coexistence. The gateways also run an interference avoidance algorithm that allows them to constantly monitor and avoid RF energy from other systems in the band.

NB-Fi long-range icon

Long range connectivity of 10 km in the city and up to 30 km in the countryside is available with highly reliable WAVIoT NB-Fi radio protocol.

NB-Fi high penetration icon

High signal penetrating power enables long range transmission from basements and through multiple concrete walls.

NB-Fi security icon

High level of security is ensured by encrypting bi-directional data from the endpoint throughout the data system with the XTEA-2 256 bit key.

NB-Fi multiprotocol equipment icon

Multiprotocol equipment. Gateways are fully SDR in both directions. It means we can start supporting new protocol by simple firmware update on the gateways.

NB-Fi scalability icon

High scalable due to each base station has an extensive capacity to operate more than 2 000 000 smart devices within its range.

NB-Fi API icon

Extensible API. The data flow may be easily integrated with the clients’ existing ERP / IT system or frontend through HTTPGet / APIs.

NB-Fi decentralized icon

De-centralized reliable architecture allows base stations to perform a significant portion of network processing internally, which allows the system to continue operating with full functionality through network blackout.

NB-Fi artificial intelligence icon

Artificial Intelligence. The NB-Fi technology uses neural algorithms and machine learning for network self-management minimizing human involvement and optimizing a dozen of network parameters automatically.

How far could NB-Fi reach

Just calculate and imagine how far could NB-Fi deliver your sensor data and how many kilometers you can cover with WAVIoT IoT Devices.

Node power
0 dB
30 dB
Node antenna TX
0 dB
10 dB
Gateway sensitivity
-164 dBm
-124 dBm
Gateway antenna gain
0 dBm
30 dBm
Gateway noise
0 dB
30 dB
Gateway height
1 m
300 m
End node height
1 m
10 m
300 m
1 m Gateway height
10 m
1 m End node height
Gateway antenna icon Maximum
2023.95 m 800 sq.km Link Budget: 164 dBm

Sensitivity for different technologies are taken from datasheets for minimum possible data rates.

Harley transition model based on Egli radio frequency propagation model.

Harley parameters for 500MHz 3.85 and 4.00 for rural and city respectively.

Harley parameters for 900MHz 4.00 and 4.15 for rural and city respectively.

Harley parameters for 2.4GHz 4.30 and 4.45 for rural and city respectively.

One needs to understand that distance cannot be longer than geometrical distance to horizon.

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