Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M
Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M

Pioneering the industry WAVIoT is an innovator in low power wide-area network technologies that power the M2M telemetry and Internet of Things. We strongly believe that our level of technology sophistication is of high interest to the market. Our strong advantage lies in the sphere of extensive practical experience and as a result all our R&D activities are focused on the challenges that we meet in numerous use cases.

We see our positioning and business approach as a provider of turn-key solutions to our clients. We feel that our client at the end of the day truly needs end-user devices and turn-key solutions available of the shelve, such as LPWAN-integrated smart water and electricity meters, which just work in any part of the world and do not require any integration works.

WAVIoT started in back 2011 more or less simultaneously with the other top brands and as of today the company enjoys its full-fledged R&D and production competence in-house which spreads from the physical layer to the telecommunication back and front-end, plus what is even more important, to the integrated ‘plug&play’ end-user devices.

WAVIoT Technology

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In the core of our LPWAN technology lies proprietary NB-Fi (Narrowband Fidelity) protocol with sophisticated mathematics and coding which uses telecom server for smart channel allocation. Full duplex gateways based on bi-directional SDR principles and 3 × 120 degree sector antennas, self-designed SDR receiver-transceiver, gateway sensitivity -152 dBm ensures a total link budget of up to 176 dBm, effective distance is more than 30+ km in the countryside and 10+ km in the urban area – which is not marketing, but daily statistics.

Our Projects

WAVIoT deployment is not constrained with country boundaries. We build up LPWAN networks world wide. We are ready to get your device connected to our network and provide all benefits from out-of-the-box IoT solutions whenever you are.

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