Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M
Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M

IoT connectivity for your device
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LPWAN is a perfect technology for M2M applications and IoT solutions especially in case low data rates are considered. Thanks to a long-range of signal transmission and high device autonomy, it allows for wide area network deployment in the most cost efficient way. WAVIoT offers a state of the art NB-Fi protocol for long-range wireless communication with easy IoT solution development process.

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Long range

up to 30 km range with NB-Fi wireless technology ensures an outstanding coverage and fast network rolling out.

Icon long battery life

Low energy

10 years of battery life will keep both installation costs and maintenance overheads extremely low.

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Low cost

Best price on LPWAN market for a preprogrammed NB-Fi transceiver to bring IoT connectivity into your device.

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Upgrade the existing
or Develop from scratch

Make your device smarter

Most of traditional digital meters or sensors already have everything to become smarter. Battery and PCB with MCU are already there, thus ready for a minor upgrade which is not a big deal.

All you need is to replace the old MCU with new NB-Fi preprogrammed transceiver. The resulting cost of the smart device remains pretty the same — it is profitable and highly competitive.

Once the upgraded reference design is done the new smart device will able to benefit from IoT connectivity, send its readings and be managed via web-based interface.

Traditional device ready for IoT upgrade

Stay cost-effective

WAVIoT has developed a platform for bringing the connectivity to IoT devices allowing cost-effective upgrade of traditional meters and sensors of all kind. It includes:

  • WAVIoT chipset with integrated TRX + MCU
  • Reference design of a tried-and-true configuration
  • Optimized Bill of Materials to ensure you remain full control of production

Choose network which suits your IoT requirements and scalability features best.

Learn more about New WAVIoT NB-Fi Transceiver

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Follow the mega trend and add IoT connectivity to get more profits

Device with IoT connectivity

Smart IoT device

With WAVIoT platform, you can get a full duplex LPWAN connectivity with a minimum investment of $1.99 per device. It means that hardware cost increase may reach as little as practically possible.

Traditional device production BOM table

Increased wholesale price — $30.00

The final production cost of a smart device will be almost the same as for the traditional one. At the same time, the functionality is at the different level now. Large scale IoT projects usually are pretty cost sensitive, no one would be willing to pay any dollar more.

The upgrade process can be done by WAVIoT engineers utilizing extensive practical experience proven with numerous use cases or by client’s staff with WAVIoT support.

Watch case study we brought IoT connectivity to gas meter

LPWA network roll out

Depending on the different requirement of the area to be covered the solution may be built with different kinds of network equipment. There are three types of network-related terms for different types of projects.

  • Public network is the best for country- or city-wide IoT solutions and M2M applications.
  • Private network is suitable for local IoT solutions within the given area.
  • Enterprise network stands for company-wide solution within a factory or an office.

Learn more about LPWA network types 

WAVIoT IoT Cloud Interface

IoT Solution deployment

Once you have developed a smart device and defined the project scale you can proceed with IoT solution deployment.

WAVIoT’s NB-Fi is a full-stack IoT technology covering all functions from physical PHY to application APP layer.

You can proceed with WAVIoT infrastructure for IoT network rollout or deploy your own IoT network hardware with NB-Fi opened protocol for worldwide deployment.

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