Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M
Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M

Traditional alarm systems are connected through GSM network to the central location and can be jammed by the burglar in a case of intrusion. Such systems required the backup connectivity to provide reliable alarm transmission.

WAVIoT technology for security

Most of the devices used in security systems required a small portion of data to be transmitted. All they need to send an alarm signal and daily status if it is working or not. LPWAN is perfect wireless technology for such low-bandwidth requirements. To bring LPWAN to security appliances WAVIoT modems or radio modules should be integrated with related security devices.

NB-Fi provides long-range and anti-jamming capabilities.

Such integration allows bringing a reliable connectivity to the traditional security devices. There are no repeaters required to send messages to the base station. Security application can run locally on the gateway with predefined rules managed through the internet. Additionally, NB-Fi provides the enhanced level of safety with by continuous autonomous work in case of the power blackout or internet outage. Avoiding jammer weakness possible due to signal immunity to background noise and intentional jamming.

NB-Fi connectivity for security apps

WAVIoT offers a cost-effective programme for an upgrade a traditional device. Such upgrade will bring the long-range connectivity with no extra cost for the manufacturer but increase the value of a new solution.

Integrated devices will be able to transmit the RF signal at many kilometers directly to the base station with no repeaters or mesh. The signal from all devices is handled by the gateway or base station. Data can be processed locally by the gateway or transmitted to the server via the internet. End-user cloud applications allow monitoring and dispatching the security sensors information. Police department or private security agencies third party applications can get relevant information as soon as it received from sensor.

Long-range access control and security monitoring scheme

Here is the short list of devices which will get an additional advantage of long-range NB-Fi connectivity:

    • Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)
    • Door and window sensors
    • Motion sensors, both interior and exterior
    • Access control sensors
    • Proximity sensors

    • Vibration sensors
    • Glass break sensors
    • Smart locks
    • Water leak detectors
    • Smoke/Carbon monoxide detectors
    • Security cameras
    • Panic/Alarm buttons
    • Control panels

Integrated security devices

Integrated modems or radiomodules enable the long-range connectivity to security devices to allow to communicate a different kind of sensors within a wide urban area.

  • Signal immunity to background noise and intentional jamming.
  • Low-cost integration with security sensors as using WAVIoT OEM.
  • 10+ km of signal range in a harsh urban environment and 30+ km in open country.
  • More than 2 000 000 sensors can be handled by the high-capacity gateway.
  • Full-duplex connectivity allows receiving information from sensors and control locks remotely.
Long-range IoT Smoke Detector
IoT cloud with security application

Security detectors data online

Data from security sensors available online in IoT Cloud.

  • Automatic failure identification, alarms and status reports.
  • Remote control of locks for access control and valves for leak detection system.
  • Real-time monitoring of sensor status and values.
  • Complex configurable alarm rules to notify users for significant issues.
  • Multiple types of sensors: ATM, CO2 detectors, motion and vibration sensors etc.

Why NB-Fi is perfect for security applications

Smart water metering is an ideal application for WAVIoT wireless technology due to the small data size needed for transmission, high antijamming requirements and robustness.

  • Antijamming capabilities of NB-Fi signal makes it advantageous for security applications.
  • Low cost for radiomodules integration with security sensors gives a high ROI on a large-scale project with wireless connectivity.
  • High scalability. A capacity of one single base station is more than 2 000 000 devices and sensors allow scaling system by simply plugging new end-devices with no-mesh infrastructure costs.
  • Wide area. The range of a base station is 10+ km in urban and 30+ km in the open country allows to a have a deep network reach.
  • Reliability. NB-Fi protocol specially designed for large-scale projects in a harsh environment with the use of the narrowband approach.
  • User-friendly. IoT cloud platform allows to get and manage data online. Easy integration with company IT-systems with open API.
  • High availability for worldwide deployments with the support of different ISM bands such as 915, 868, 500, 433 MHz and others.
  • Experience. NB-Fi proved technology by more than 500 000 WAVIoT smart sensors and controllers deployed worldwide.
  • Robustness. Star topology with no mesh. Outdoor and indoor hardware support.

Equipment for security solutions

WAVIoT NB-Fi Modem BT-100

WAVIoT NB-Fi Modem BT-100 is designed to support all major sensor and telemetry interfaces, enabling sensors and devices to wirelessly transmit real-time data via NB-Fi network by WAVIoT. Read more

WAVIoT Base Station NB-300

VAT is not included The Base Station designed for rolling-out long-range IoT network in the urban and rural environment.  Featured with whip antenna and full-duplex connectivity for bi-directional communication. Covering 800 sq. km area and aggregating the data from 2 000 000 smart devices and sensors.   Read more

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