Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M
Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M

The critical technological problem of all smart metering technologies is communication. Each smart meter must be able to transmit the readings collected to the central data storage reliably and securely. Taking into account the variety of places and environments where meters can be used, the problem can be intimidating. The traditional smarter grid solutions propose the use of cell and pager networks, satellite, licensed radio, combination licensed and unlicensed radio like ZigBee + GPRS, and PLC (power line communication) systems. All of them either unreliable or costly.

WAVIoT turn-key IoT smart grid solution

WAVIoT has elegantly solved communication issue and offers an effective solution for wide-area electricity consumption monitoring. It includes plug-and-play smart electric meters, radiomodules, and modems ready for integration with standard electric meters, and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

Long-range NB-Fi connectivity allows rapidly deploy advanced control of electricity grid.

Long-range smart grid communication

WAVIoT offers to energy companies state of the art cost-effective metering solution with extraordinary scalability. They get ready-to-operate smart metering, peak and off-peak pricing, remote switching and related efforts.

No matter how extensive is the service area and how many points of control to be monitored, just plug WAVIoT customer smart electric meters or middle node modules and watch all readings in IoT Сloud interface. We worked hard to deliver reliable user-friendly solution able to receive signal within 10 km in urban area with no repeaters or mesh topology.

Long-range smart grid network scheme

Smart electricity meters transmitting readings via NB-Fi long-range wireless network to the server. All data can be displayed in end-user Cloud dashboard or transferred to enterprise application using API of HTTP-GET exchange data request. Standard kWh meters can be connected to NB-Fi network with modem using RS-232 or RS-485 interface.

Single phase smart electricity meter

Wireless kWh meter PHOBOS 1 with integrated NB-Fi radio module designed for building smart grid networks and track electricity usage online.

  • Monitor electricity usage of single phase electricity grid of .
  • Remote control for reprogramming and tariffs management.
  • Distant load limiting for remote switching-off.
  • Perfect for wide-area low-cost IoT smart grid and  remote electric meter reading system.
  • Brings effective and scalable grid automation in a wide urban area.

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3 phase smart electricity meter

Wireless three-phase electric meter PHOBOS 3 with integrated NB-Fi radio module designed for power grid automation and control.

  • Monitor electricity usage of three phase electricity consumers, commercial and industrial installations.
  • Tariffs can be reprogrammed remotely from the control panel of IoT Cloud.
  • Load limiting function allows cutting off electricity supply if required.
  • Perfect for wide-area low-cost IoT smart grid.
  • The long-range wireless protocol makes easy of smart grid communications and networking.

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Meter data management system

An advanced remote electric meter reading system allows monitoring electricity usage online.

  • Hourly / daily / weekly statistic of consumption displayed for every metering unit, group, and summary.
  • Control panel accessible from any PC connected to Internet providing convenient monitoring and management from any spot of the Earth.
  • Integration with third-party software is simple with data export to Excel, CSV, JSON, HTML or with open API.
  • Secured with SSH-protocol.
IoT cloud allows to check electricity usage online


WAVIoT simple long-range star network configuration — that is exactly what smart grid requires for fast and massive deployment. Full-duplex connectivity allows to manage smart meters remotely and perform load limiting on demand.

  • Low cost for integrated smart electricity meters and whole water meter monitoring system gives a high ROI on a large-scale project.
  • High scalability. A capacity of one single gateway is more than 2 000 000 smart meters allows scaling system by simply plugging new end-devices  with no-mesh infrastructure costs.
  • Wide area. The range of a base station is 10+ km in urban and 30+ km in the open country allows to a have a global network reach.
  • Remote management. Full-duplex connectivity allowing remote meter management and load limiting.
  • Reliability. NB-Fi protocol specially designed for large-scale projects in a harsh environment with the use of the narrowband approach.
  • User-friendly. IoT cloud platform allows to get and manage data online. Easy integration with company IT-systems with open API.
  • High availability for worldwide deployments with the support of different ISM bands such as 915, 868, 500, 433 MHz and others.
  • Experience. NB-Fi proved technology by more than 500 000 WAVIoT smart sensors and controllers deployed worldwide.

Equipment for smart grid systems

WAVIoT Smart Electricity Meter PHOBOS 1

This single phase PHOBOS 1 NB-Fi Connected Smart Meter offers multi-tariff metering, load limiting and remote control features via NB-Fi by WAVIoT Wireless Protocol. Read more

WAVIoT Smart Electricity Meter PHOBOS 3

This three phase PHOBOS 3 NB-Fi Connected Smart Meter offers multi-tariff metering, load limiting and remote control features via NB-Fi by WAVIoT Wireless Protocol. Read more

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