Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M
Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M

IoT Gateways

IoT gateways and base stations are used for deploying both public and private LPWA networks in the open country or in certain urban areas. WAVIoT Base Stations ensure outstanding characteristics of communication range —  more than 10 km in the harsh urban environment and 30 km in the countryside. It allows to build up a really wide-area IoT network with a few just a few base stations and thus to keep the total infrastructure and maintenance costs at a lower level.

Internet of Thing network infrastructure

WAVIoT IoT Base Stations utilize full duplex radio transceivers purpose built for IoT applications and low-power wide-area networks. A distinguishing characteristic of WAVIoT Base Station is high capacity which allows serving more than 2 000 000 smart IoT devices and sensors intraday. SDR approach ensures processing signals transmitted throughout the different LPWAN protocols such as LoRa, Sigfox, and UNB (other related technologies may also be demodulated). WAVIoT Gateways can be universally used for wireless sensor network deployment in the IoT applications  providing long-range wireless connectivity for projects such as smart metering, smart grids or smart agriculture.

NB-Fi base station

WAVIoT NB-300 Base Station is a powerful high-performance IoT gateway based on our custom FPGA processing technology able to process up to 5000 channels in 2.5 MHz baseband simultaneously. Base Stations can work independently or be connected to a seamless network, providing private or public NB-Fi coverage area of any scale from a small house block to the whole cities and countries. Thanks to a perfect sensitivity, antenna gain characteristics and communication range, it takes less number of Base Stations to cover a given area. It makes WAVIoT solution more cost-effective, increases deployment pace and lowers the infrastructure maintenance costs. The Base Station is easy to install on any rooftop or tower with no special preparations, only AC power and internet connection (Ethernet/3G/lte) are required.